About Us

About Us


The 100% Compact Cotton Yarn Manufacturer & Exporter.

Welcome To Kousthuba Spinners Private Limited

We are a leading textile company specialized in the production of high-quality cotton yarn, mainly specialised in coarse counts. We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional products and services.

We commenced our operations in 2010 in ring-spinning in Parvakudi, Tenkasi District,Tamil Nadu. We started our Open-end spinning operations in 2018 with two machines comprising a total capacity of 1000 rotors. Today we are grown to be one of the leading spinning mill in the southern India with a capacity of 18,000 spindles in ring spinning and 3176 rotors in open-end spinning. We take pride in stating that we are one of the significant manufacturers who can produce various quality and counts of 100%cotton yarn from coarser to finer at the same time under one roof.

We offer a wide range of yarn counts and varieties to cater to diverse customer needs. Whether it’s for knitting, weaving, or any other textile application, we provide a comprehensive selection of yarns, including combed and carded ring-spun yarn, all 100%compact and open-end yarn. Our products are known for their strength, softness, and excellent dyeing properties, making them ideal for various end uses. Hence providing a full guarantee for our customer’s satisfaction. 

We focus on producing superior quality yarn and we ensure that every kilogram of yarn supplied from our Spinning and Open End Unit conforms to International standards and with zero complaints from our customers with superior quality control, monitoring and many other controlling techniques.

We thrive to be the most reliable supplier of 100% cotton yarn for customers from all the sectors of the textile industry by providing superior quality at competitive prices.
We also focus on providing safe and effective working environment to all our workers at all levels.

Our vision is to provide the right raw material with right technology to the right people with right attitude to stay effective and proactive in developing new markets and new products, with consistent quality. We also aim to provide sophisticated training to our employees to handle the advanced machines and challenges in the changing market environment.


If you want something,
You work for it…

If you want to achieve something,
You work hard for it…


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Connect with us

Communicate your requirement and its specifications through a phone call or a mail to us.


Our sales team will provide all the necessary information like price, quality parameters etc. as per the specifications solicited, converting the inquiry into an order.


After the readiness of the order, our sales team will contact with the delivery details.

Our Strengths

Right selection of raw material

We select the best quality raw material for the desired yarn counts from the  best suppliers for our processes.

Superlative Maintenance

We have the most advanced and sophisticated machinery set-up in our factory units. With our habitual maintenance methods and timely upgradation, we guarantee consistent yarn quality and performance.

Right work practices & Training

we update our work force and floor level technicians with right tools and techniques with proper training.